About Us

Our mission at Little Gerald Services is to provide an intensive, safe, and therapeutic structure for our consumers by educating them through effective skill-building strategies. Our philosophy is based on the importance of structure, support, and understanding, along with establishing a strong sense of security for them.

We not only aid our consumers in realizing their strengths and talents, we inspire them to utilize those gifts to help them overcome their deficits and achieve self-sufficiency.

We at Little Gerald Services are committed to providing high-quality community-based services, such as therapy, clinical supervision, independent living skills, vocational skills, rehabilitation services, recovery skills, and much more through our behavioral health program for children, adolescents, and adults. We are dedicated to meeting the specific needs of our consumers.

We meet our consumers where they are to get them where they are trying to go! Little Gerald Services operates in many counties across the state of NC. We have offices in six counties (Union, Alamance, Forsyth, Caldwell, Pender, and Iredell).  In counties where we do not have an office/facility, we have community-based mobile staff that are able to assist you. To find out more about services in your area, please contact the Little Gerald Services office nearest you.


Little Gerald Services is a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) certified firm with the State of North Carolina.