Little Gerald Services is comprised of well-trained and experienced staff members that genuinely care about the welfare of our consumers and our community. Therefore, our agency works hard to ensure our staff are thoroughly trained and educated to best serve our consumers and their families. By doing so, we achieve great gains and tremendous positive out-comes in the areas of mental health and substance abuse. As our agency grows, we will be offering a variety of additional services/programs to accommodate the special needs of each of our consumers and their families.

Our consumers are accepted and treated with dignity and given the opportunity to be a part of a successful program thereby increasing their chance to become future leaders and contributors to society.

Little Gerald Services is dedicated to providing quality community-based services. We are focused on maintaining diversity and abiding by the most ethical practices. We will continually strive to serve our consumers, their families, and our communities by providing the best services possible!

LGS Is CARF Accredited